Can I request customizations for my Micro swimwear?

Yes, you can leave specific details in the “order notes” section of your micro swimwear order for any and all specifications to be made for  your swimsuit order!

How long will it take for my men’s micro swimwear order to ship?

All swimsuits are handmade to order. If you choose the “Rush Order: Rush order: will ship within 2 business days” option, then the order will ship within 2 business days (excludes weekends and federal holidays)— If you choose the standard, the handling time is within 14 business days (maximum) (excludes weekends and federal holidays)


What are men’s micro swimwear suites made of?

All micro swimwear suites are made from a stretch fabric blend of Lycra fabric. People who wear micro swimwear suites love fabric with Lycra because it has great stretch factor. Lycra makes micro swimwear suites figure-flattering and add comfort as well. Lycra is also sleek and smooth to the touch and helps keep the micro swimwear suites colors and design prints vibrant and long lasting.

What back styles do you offer for micro swimwear?

There are 3 back styles for men’s micro swimwear with many variations:

Men’s micro swimwear – Thong

Men’s micro swimwear – Bikini: with variations- back width, basic back, basic back with center seam, ruched back

Men’s micro swimwear – Cheeky: with variations- basic back, ruched back, basic back with center seam


What size should I order for Men’s Micro Swimwear?

Sizing is based on waist sizes:

Small:  Waist size 28-32

Medium: Waist size 33-36

Large: Waist size 37-40

X-Large: Waist size 41-44

Pouch sizes run on standard so if customizations are needed (i.e. medium waist but need a larger than average pouch), you will want to leave that in the “order notes” but order the waist size AS NEEDED and customize the pouch.